Founded in 1997, Fimcor International focuses on importing and distributing "Individually Quick Frozen" vegetables, primarily asparagus spears, grilled asparagus spears, asparagus cuts and tips, and artichokes
Located in Tracy California, Fimcor International supplies many major retailers all over the United States and abroad.

Our reputation for excellence and consistency has allowed us to focus on our customers' specific needs and exceed their expectations for nearly 20 years. When dealing with Fimcor International, you are in direct contact with a family that is dedicated to serving you with integrity, service, and quality.
By consistently exceeding expectations, we've become a leader in serving the needs of customers both domestically and abroad. At every level, we deliver quality and value that is unmatched.
The strategic locations of our packaging facilities and distribution warehouses allow us to serve customers, across the country and around the world.